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How to change the name of a page on Facebook

Facebook It is a social network that allows you to meet many people in addition to promoting your personal page, if for any problem you need rename a page on facebookIt is a very simple process that we will detail right away.

Change the name of a page on Facebook from PC

You should know that this action can only be performed by the administrator of the page in question:

  • Start by logging in as usual to your Facebook.

  • Go to the left side in the main menu, click on «see more» and scroll down until you see a section called «pages«.

  • Click on the page in the list that you will see to access the menu.

  • scroll to settings > page info

  • Modify the name by clicking on the corresponding field.

  • Once you finish, press outside of said field and a window like this will pop up.
  • When you click on “request change” the name change on your facebook page.

Change the name of a page on Facebook from mobile

  • Enter your Facebook app from your Android or iOS device.
  • Click on which is the settings menu, which is located in the bottom right corner of Facebook.
  • Go to Pages and click on the wheel symbol.
  • Now follow this path: Page Info > Name.
  • Click on continue and confirm by clicking request change.

Why can’t I change the name of a page on Facebook?

There are several reasons why if you have followed the previous steps, you may miss an error when trying:

  • Such a change may not comply with the facebook naming policy.
  • If you have recently requested the change or have tried to change it several times in a very short time, it is likely that it will not let you, since sometimes they ask you for a space of 60 days.
  • You also have to take into account that the name change is limited to about 5 times on your fanpage, so if you can’t, you should rethink creating a new one or merge it with another page.

To try to get them to let you change it, you can send them the following when they ask you in Facebook:

  • With a link to a website that is owned by you and get the name you want to put.
  • A contract in which said name appears (if you have a business).
  • A article in a newspaper mentioning your name
  • or just one post on your Facebook page indicating this change.