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How to return a product or cancel an order on Amazon

amazon is one of the strongest online providers on the Internet, which is why its customer service ensures that its customers are sure that they will see their demands satisfied. in case you need cancel an order on amazon You will discover with us that it is a fairly simple process, although it cannot always be achieved according to various conditions that we will explain to you.

Cancel an Amazon order in a few steps

In these cases, time plays against us, that is, the longer we take to cancel the order, the more complicated it will be for them not to return the money, which is why we have simplified it a lot so that it can be done quickly:

  1. go to My orders with your Amazon session started.
  2. You will see all your orders with the date of purchase, name of the product and even if, as in this case, the deadline to cancel it has already passed.
  3. In case it could be canceled, you would see a box just to the right that would say «cancel product«.
  4. Once you press it you will receive a confirmation email and in this way your order will not be executed.
  5. If you have done everything correctly you should once again cancel your order in this tab.

Conditions to be able to cancel an order on Amazon

In order to carry out the above steps, you will need to meet a series of requirements:

  • The shipment must still be in process and not have been sent.
  • If is one external provider from amazon, you must request cancellation 30 minutes later having made the purchase.
  • In case of a joint purchase of several items, you can cancel all the items that have not been shipped yet with up to 72 hours margin.

If even with all this, you do not get cancel your order on amazonthe next step is to claim customer service:

  1. go to online returns center.
  2. In the first option click on «See orders» and sign in.
  3. Browse through your list of orders and choose «Return or replace products«.
  4. Choose the reason for the return and from that moment, you will have 30 days to return it to Amazon once you receive it, so that they refund the money in the period of 2 to 3 weeks.
  5. Make sure to send it in the original package that you received and without any damage to the package or the product. In case it has arrived with damage, the ideal is to put a claim on amazon before returning it.