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How to download music without copyright for Youtube

Youtube It is undoubtedly one of the best-known entertainment platforms, and for this reason many people want to upload new content every day with well-crafted videos that, on the other hand, include third-party music. The platform does not usually like that, being able to ban the author’s video and all the editing work goes to waste. To avoid this, the most practical is download royalty free music for Youtube. Luckily there are many legal ways to get it.

How to use Creative Common licenses

Before you get down to downloading and inserting the songs in your videos, you should know some basic guidelines so as not to have any kind of problem, since, although downloading this type of music is not illegal and you can upload it to YouTube without problems , there are small nuances:

  • what you share must not be for profit and must be for personal use only. for example, you cannot use it for a commercial advertisement in which you will be paid for it.
  • You should mention the author of the songeither in the video, or in the description.
  • If they have elapsed 70 years since the death of the authoryou can share said work, as long as the rights are released.

6 pages with music without copyright for Youtube

In this selection we propose some of the best known so you can dive through their files:

  • FreeMusicArchive: It is kept up to date and lets you listen to the song before downloading it. It has several genre filters and a search engine to find the song you are looking for more quickly.
  • soundcloud: One of the best known, where in addition to music podcasts are usually uploaded. The peculiarity of this website is that even well-known artists usually put songs for free so that you can use them. Keep in mind what was mentioned before when using them.
  • FreeSound: If what interests you are more the sound effects for your recordings, on this website you will find lots of them free of rights to use them immediately.
  • Jamendo: More than a music library, this website is a community where you can find a wide variety of musical genres, which you will already find filtered between free and private licenses, so you won’t have any problems.
  • filmmusic: Here they offer us two modalities; you pay once and have a lifetime license to use the song, or you do it for free, but you must always mention the author. You can listen to the songs before downloading them, which speeds up the selection process quite a bit.
  • bandcamp: It is more specialized in little known artists, but it will let you find real gems that, in addition, you can support after downloading their music for free with donations as small as 1$.

How to use downloaded songs on YouTube

Once you decide which ones you like and see that they are free of rights to be used, you can always first upload them in private mode and see if YouTube gives you any problems and, to make sure, never forget mention the artist in each of your videos, so at least you will save yourself possible legal problems.

To upload your video as free license to YouTubeyou will only have to:

  • Click in the upper right corner on your YouTube channelto see all the videos you have uploaded.

  • Once inside your channel, click on the video you want to edit and once inside go to «details» and click below where it says «Show more«.

  • Scroll down until you find the section that says “License» and choose the option «Creative Commons – Attribution«.

  • don’t forget about Save all the changes by clicking on the blue button that will appear above.
  • And that’s it. You will need to do the same with each video you have creative commons license