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How To Find Someone On Tinder: Ways To Tell If Someone Has An Account

Tinder has undoubtedly become the online dating platform most popular, being very simple to use by sliding or «swipe», and in the event that both users like each other, there will be a «match» and the possibility of starting to chat with that person.

Being so well known it might be useful to know if it is possible find someone on Tinder, either to get out of doubt if you suspect infidelity, or to reconnect with a person you have lost contact with for a long time. In this article we will show you some ways to try find someone on tinder.

Is there an accurate way to tell if someone is on Tinder?

The first thing you should know is that there is no direct way to find out if someone has Tinder. It is possible to use tricks and tips to find out if a person has an account on the platform or not, although It is not guaranted that you can find it. In any case, you can try to find it! Maybe you’ll be lucky and you can make a match.

Why can’t we know if someone specific is on Tinder? Tinder is concerned about safeguarding the privacy of its users, since the vast majority they don’t want the whole world to know your presence and activity on this online dating platform. This would only be possible if Tinder kept the information of its users public.

In the case of other platforms, such as the case of Badoo either POFcreate a public profile for each user, which can be easily located on Google. On Tinder, profiles are private and cannot be found unless a match occurs while using the app.

Find someone with my Tinder account

The most effective method is to register a new Tinder account to try to find that person using certain geolocation filters and many others. Here are the steps to find a specific person on Tinder:

  1. Create an account on Tinder Y register a new profile: It can be real or invented, although you should keep in mind that a false profile would be violating Tinder’s policies (You could also use an account of a relative or friend, since it will only be to search for them and find out if they have an account).
  2. Zoom in on this person’s location that you want to locate by means of a approximate distance. Whether it is in the same city or even the same area where you live, the chances of locating it will increase. go to the Tinder settingsand define an approximate distance (minimum distance is 2 kilometers), so that your chances will increase, although you must know exactly what is the maximum distance in which you would locate this person.
  3. Filter by the age of this person: From the option Age range, you can choose the age. Through this data you will only filter users with a certain age, this will help you reduce the number of profiles that you will have to look at before finding this person.
  4. go to the Tinder profiles to start swipe and search.
  5. Slide all users that appear depending on the assigned filters, until locate the person you are looking for. Press the “X” instead of the “Like”, as the “Likes” or “Like” are limited in the free version of Tinder. You found it? It’s time to Start a conversation!


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Using this formula, if you have applied the proximity and age filters properly, the chances of locating that person will increase. If you have not found the person you are looking for, it may be due to these reasons:

  • This person is one greater distance than you have determined.
  • The person has entered another age that does not fit the one you entered in the search.
  • This person may be hidden or deactivated your Tinder account. At that time he does not use the application although he would have access to chat and matches.
  • You may be accessing from the paid version Tinder Gold. this option allows more privacy, since it only shows the profile to those users who have pressed “Like” or “Like”. This option also allows you to modify the location, you can even slide in profiles of other locations, “virtually traveling” to the location you want.
  • This person You don’t have a Tinder account..

Although there are possibilities of locating her, it is not 100% sure to know if she uses the platform, but normally by applying these filters and having a little patience, you will be able to find that person -as long as you know that she really has Tinder-.

Find profiles paying with a Tinder Gold account

If you want to go faster and have more data, you can hire the Tinder Gold payment option. What does Tinder Gold offer me to know if someone has Tinder? Here are some features that only paid accounts have:

  • It allows assign the location you want: very useful to locate a person in a certain city or country if you are not nearby.
  • You can boost your profile or try to capture the attention of the user you are looking for in order to receive a like from that person.
  • You can check the Likes that are likely to locate this person among the list members.
  • You have more number of “Likes” or “I like it” daily.


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Tinder Gold has numerous advantages over the free version of Tinder, although the chances of finding a certain profile are similar in both cases.

Know if someone has Tinder through a mobile phone

It’s possible know if a person had Tinder previously? In the event that you can access the mobile phone that the Tinder app was installed on, there are chances! Here are some tips to detect if someone had Tinder installed in the past:

  • Look at her email inbox to check Tinder notifications. It’s as simple as filtering your search by entering the word “Tinder” to filter messages.
  • Through Facebook: you can know if a person used Tinder, from the Facebook application itself. Go to “Settings” > “Security > Apps and websites” > “Signed in with Facebook”, if it appears Tinderthe user can have a Tinder account whether or not it will be active.
  • In the case of a iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) Search for Tinder from the App Store. Click on the “Download” option to install the application. If an icon with a cloud and a date appears, the application was previously installed.
  • From a android device, go to Google Play and locate the Tinder app. If the option to rate the app opens, it means that it was previously installed on the device.

Using these methods you will have more certainty when it comes to knowing if someone had the Tinder application installed. However, you should be aware that accessing another person’s personal device, without consent, may carry legal consequences.


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Cheaterbuster: know if you have Tinder without being registered

cheater buster is a service that will help you locate a specific Tinder account from any platform. It is a private service and is not linked to Tinder, but you must pay a fee (7.49SUD or 6.99€) based on the number of searches you perform. You can filter the search by name, age, gender or location of the person. In addition, it is a service in English, although very intuitive to use. Here are the steps to know if someone has Tinder without being registered:

  1. go to
  2. Enter the Name of individual to find in the form field «Enter his/her FIRSTNAME«.
  3. Enter your age in the form field «Enter his/her age«.
  4. In “Gender» (gender), select “Male” (men) or “Female” (woman).
  5. Enter the person’s location that you want to locate.
  6. write your email and access password (confirm it) to access the functions of the service.
  7. Click on «See search results» and make the payment for performing the search.
  8. Clever! You will receive an email with the search results within a few minutes.

The service search mechanism consists of search among all profiles that belong to a certain location to locate those that best fit the data provided. The service is quite efficient, although the downside is that you have to pay to use it.

Ask the person you are looking for directly

The last possibility is to ask the person directly, although it is not a possibility available to everyone, it can be a way to access the information you are looking for. Remember that he also has friends or family, you could talk to one of them, maybe they can offer you a little more information.