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How to sell on Facebook: tips and tricks to sell a lot

Facebook It is one of the most widely used means of communication globally, and it is not surprising that it is also considered an ideal space to sell; above all, because of the marketplace area and the multiple groups of sales that can be found in it. For this reason, thousands of companies use strategies daily to sell a lot on the social platform, and this time we show you some of the tricks to sell more employees on Facebook.

5 tips and tricks to sell on Facebook: How to do it successfully?

With the rise of social networks, selling has become an easy task, but only if you apply a correct strategy based on the following tips and tricks that we will mention below to sell on facebook like a pro. It is very important to be consistent and also pay attention to the comments of your customers, as this could benefit you. Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. Quality content

Content is king, and it is a saying that is heard in many areas, since it refers to the product, which is either being delivered, or is being promoted. For this reason, it is essential that the quality is always topabove all, because this will be what hooks the customer and encourages him to buy.

Every detail should be taken care of in your Facebook sales posts; such as spelling, presentation of the material you offer, quality of images or other details. Since, the leads (potential customers) and users of Facebook are the biggest critics that you will find in the social network. In addition, you will get the hook with an attractive, colorful publication and with all the information that the client needs on the front page.

2. Sweepstakes, prizes and contests

Giveaways on social networks

Who doesn’t love the feeling that they could earn a totally free product just by taking a few steps? I suppose that to no one, for the same reason, holding raffles, awards and contests has always been one of the best ways to attract public and customers on social networks. Mainly, because you will get the attention of many people, to whom you can ask them to buy a product, subscribe to a fanpage, or simply meet the requirement that you want to participate.

This will not only be quite useful for you to sell a product or promote it, but it will also make your brand grow quickly, since outreach on Facebook and social media has a surprising reach. By simply asking them to share your publication, you will already have exposure to a new group of users, which will allow you to get potential customers who will surely save your product to purchase it at some point.

3. Use entertaining audiovisual material

short videos facebook

When we talk about audiovisual material we refer to videos, preferably short and to the point. Since, they are the ones that are currently viewed the most on social networks. Therefore, if you want sell on facebook it is very important that you implement them in your marketing strategy.

We suggest that they have a maximum duration of 5 minutes, where general product information and key aspects of importance are explained; For example, if you want to sell a smartphone, the user will care about its camera, storage space, brand and size.

In the same way, you can talk about details that are not so relevant, but that some potential clients will take into account. Following the same example, the processor, RAM memory capacity, weight, or other details could be included. The most valuable thing about videos is that they are accurate and entertaining for the audience.

4. Take advantage of advertising to sell on Facebook

facebook advertising

Now that you know the most difficult tricks to apply, comes the easy and most expensive part; speaking in monetary terms. Since, we refer to advertising, which, although it is effective, it is very important that you have a very effective Ads strategy; otherwise you could throw your money overboard.

For selling on Facebook using advertising is crucial to know the audience you want to reach, and filter them depending on: age, gender, geographic location and interests. Since, this will allow the algorithm of the social network to place your ads to the people who could show the most interest.

5. Redirect your leads to sell more

redirect from facebook to whatsapp

Finally, now that you’ve created your campaign to sell on facebook, you will need to send your leads to your sales page or physical store. In this way, they can make the purchase if they really show interest in the product. For this reason, in each publication you must include your contact number and location, or suggest that they write directly to the private address to finalize the purchase.