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How to Add Bots on Discord

Discord It allows, among many things, to send images, audio videos and also use bots to animate the chat. In this case, a music bot will allow you to interact with your users by letting them choose the songs.

Add a music bot on Discord

  • First of all you must be the administrator of said serverOtherwise, you won’t be able to do anything.
  • visit a bot search engine websuch as, carbonitexor any other.

  • Enter in the search bar «music» and press «search» or the magnifying glass.
  • Check well the bot features and click “add to server” > “Authorize» and after a while you will have it on your server.

  • Sometimes it may vary a bit and instead of clicking send, you have to press «invite» as in the case above.
  • You can also visit the different categories instead of entering a search term, although this way is much more laborious.

Best Music Bots for Discord


ID: 684773505157431347


  • Simple interface and easy to use by beginners.
  • DJ role to create song lists or play music on demand.
  • Varied filters.
  • Support for radio channels, SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify and many more.
  • It can be left running for 4 hours automatically.


ID: 845153824742440991


  • Autolists: When you create a list of songs, you can complete them with similar ones once the list is finished.
  • No lag in broadcasts or cuts.
  • Compatible with Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

Abuse Radio

ID: 556287780762943507


  • Hassle-free Discord bot with easy handling.
  • It combines qualities of other already extinct bots such as Hydra or Rythm, allowing you to choose between several genres for your server’s radio channel.

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