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How to share files on Google Drive

google drive is a Google cloud service that, in addition to storing your files without taking up space on your hard drive, also allows you, through a simple link, share files on google drive in a simple way and being able to choose who can see said content at all times.

Choose who to share content with

  1. go to
  2. Sign in to your Drive in case it doesn’t automatically enter you.
  3. Double click on the file or folder you want to share.
  4. Once inside, go to the upper right corner and click on «Compartir” either “Share«.
  5. You will have the option of share your files on google drive with other people by inviting them by mail, or by sending them a direct link that you will find below in «copy link«.
  6. You may add as many as you want by mailwith the possibility of choosing the privileges of each user in that specific file, such as viewing or even editing if it is a text file.
  7. press send to end.
  8. At that moment he an invitation will come to view or edit the file to that person’s email.

Share content from Android or iOS

  1. From your mobile device open Drive
  2. Tap on the three points next to the file name.
  3. Click on «Share» and add the people you want by writing their email and click on the arrow below to send.
  4. If you want to share several files at once, it is best to create a folder and share it. To do this, go to «My drive> Files> and click on +«.
  5. Now go to «Binder» enter a title and click on «To create«.
  6. To finish open again google drive
  7. Go to «Records» Click on the file you want to move to the folder by clicking on «plus» (the three dots) and then on «move«.
  8. Choose the folder you just created. The file will move to that location.
  9. Hold down for a few seconds on that folder and click on the upper right corner.
  10. Click on «Share» and follow the same process as if you were to share an individual file.
  11. So what you get is that everything you move to that folder will be shown by your contacts without having to share them again every so often from your mobile Android or iOS.
  12. The files you just moved may do not appear at the momentespecially if they are heavy or you move a lot of them, so wait a few seconds or go out and back in case you don’t see them.