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How to Share Screen on Discord

Discord is a messaging app that has the great advantage of being multiplatform, so if you feel the need to know how to share screen on Discord to, for example, make a stream with the users of your favorite server.

Share screen on Discord from PC

  1. open your Discord and sign in.
  2. go to Discord server where you want to share screen and search for a voice channel.
  3. Click on «Screen» and something similar to other apps will appear, with the screens you have active, you just have to click on the one you want to share.
  4. Now you can select the quality of the transmission and the frame rate, the higher the frame rate, the more “smooth” the transmission will look.
  5. You can also change the window you want to share at that time, in case you made a mistake, simply click on «change» and you will return to the window selection.
  6. When everything is correct, click on «live» to start streaming.
  7. When you are transmitting you will see these two options; «change windows” Y “stop transmitting«. The second option cuts the direct, and the first one, what it does is that it lets you show a different window without interrupting the connection.
  8. Remember allow access to your microphone and camera in case you are using a PC.
  9. By clicking on the shared screen you will see something similar to this. Click on it left icon to add people to your stream.
  10. You can either invite your contacts from your friends list by clicking on «invite“, or send them a direct link that will take them to the broadcast of your screen.

Set screen on Discord from mobile

The easiest way to achieve it is the following, that is, it is only available on Android and in beta phase:

  1. Sign in to your Discord app.
  2. go to a Discord server and enter the general channel, or any that lets you share voice and video. Click on the camera icon,
  3. Now click on the button that we indicate to start share screen on Discord.
  4. From that moment you will start share screen and also the video. You can deactivate the video by clicking on the camera button and, to close the shared screen, simply click on the buttons that we have highlighted.
  5. If you slide up you will get a series of options, such as to remove/mute the sound, change the audio output or invite your contacts to said call so they can see what you share.