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Tricks to share YouTube videos on Instagram

with the amount of social networks that exist today, it is quite common to need share youtube videos on instagrambut there are easier ways to do it without copying a url.

To do the above you will not need much technical knowledge, yes, in some cases you will need download the video from youtubebut don’t worry as we will cover that in this guide.

Download video from Youtube

This is perhaps the easiest way, although it requires that you first download the video from the platform to be able to share it on instagramso you will have to use external applications like JDownloader,

The first thing you will need to have the app installed from its official website or if you prefer to use it on your mobile, there is a version of Android and iOS:

MyJDownloader Remote Official
developer: unknown
Price: Free

‎MyJDownloader Remote
‎MyJDownloader Remote
developer: simon sturge
Price: Free+

  1. Once you have the app installed, go to YouTube and click on to share to get the direct link and copy that url.

  1. if you had JDownloader open, it will automatically grab the links. Pick the one with the mp4 extension.
  2. When you press right button and «add and start downloads» the video will start downloading.
  3. Remember to keep your software updated, and always restart the program for the changes to take effect, otherwise it may not capture YouTube links properly.

Share the video on Instagram

Now that you have the video downloaded, you just need to upload it to Instagram, the bad news is that at most you can upload videos up to 60 secondsbut luckily, there are tools to shorten them:

InShot - video bearbeiten
InShot - video bearbeiten
developer: unknown
Price: Free

  1. Open the app that we have recommended to you well in Android either iOS and click on the «+«
  2. Add the video from the gallery of your mobile, hit Next and edit it.

  1. At this point you can, in addition to put filtersdecide if you want shorten the video.
  2. give to Next and click to share when you’re done.

Share videos on Instagram stories

For this method you will need to have the video downloaded on your device, so that you can share youtube video on instagram:

  1. Sign in to your instagram account.

  1. Click on it “+” symbolto access your gallery.
  2. Find the YouTube video you want to share and edit it.
  3. When you’re done, click on “Next» and then in «to share» > «Your history«.
  4. This video will appear in the story of your instagram profile.

Share with external websites

It is a good option if you do not have a very stable connection, since you do not want to download the video manually, and you will only need the YouTube url. The good thing about this option is that in some cases you can edit the video and change its size:

  • YT TO IG: Specialized in converting videos to share them on Instagram, it has a simple interface. It offers a 7-day free trial, and after that, you will need to pay a monthly membership to be able to send unlimited videos.
  • Clideus: This website allows us, in addition to sharing the YouTube video on various social networks, to edit it so that it is in the appropriate format for each occasion.

Whichever platform you use, remember that you must mention the author of the videos to avoid problems with copyright, or search for royalty-free content. Currently, you can share any content that has been published 50 years after the author’s death.

You can always opt for alternatives like pixabay or search for authors who allow «copyleft«, that is, sharing the content with modifications, but mentioning the original author.