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What is Office 365 Sharepoint?

SharePoint Office 365 is a Microsoft service designed to share content and files through the cloud, allowing teamwork regardless of distance and integrating perfectly with all the tools of Microsoft 365.

What is SharePoint?

It is a way to store all files of your company so that they are well organized and easy to find, being able to filter them by type of file, application, date, authors, etc. It can also be opened by any employee that we have added to the network, even if they do not have, for example, Word or Excel, as long as they open said files from SharePoint 365.

Sign in to SharePoint

  1. start by entering
  2. In the main window look for the app SharePoint or, if you can’t find it, write it in the search engine.
  3. Remember that if you don’t have one Microsoft work or school accountyou will not be able to use this software, so if it does not appear, that may be the problem.
  4. Once you click on the icon it will take you to the main window of Office SharePoint 365

What is a SharePoint site?

  • All the applications and files that you share through this Windows software are included in the so-called sites, in which anyone who has access and you have invited them, just by logging into their account will see all the files from any device.
  • Within the panel you will get two options, «create site” either “create a news«. By clicking on create site, what you do is create a personal space for a specific department, such as the finance area, where you would share the employee payroll with Excel files for the annual accounts.
  • In each site you will be able to upload documents and share them with the people you have invited to said groups, since all this is saved in the cloud. It actually works very similar to OneDrivebeing able to even connect with said application.

How to download SharePoint 365

Being an application that is included in the Windows package, so you only have to log in to and you will be able to access all the functionalities. If what you prefer is to download it to your mobile, there are Android and iOS versions:

In both cases you will only need to log in with your data from your terminal to use the app.

There is no desktop version for this software, since it is designed to be used in the cloud from the browser, although you can use SharePoint Designer to “cheat” a bit, in the end you will not be enjoying all the features and it will delay your productivity.