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How to use Office 365 Teams

office 365 offers quite a few tools in its entire package, but thanks to Teams you will be able to use all of them and collaborate as a team with your colleagues, so it is important that you know how to use Office 365Teams, since today it is one of the essential requirements to be efficient at work.

What is Office 365 Teams

It is a Microsoft application that integrates the entire Office 365 package, as well as other utilities such as:

  • integration with ShareNote and OnePoint, OneDrive and other tools microsoft.
  • Group chats and video calls to hold meetings from anywhere, allowing screen sharing to make professional presentations without the need to make calls.
  • Share files remotely and upload them to any website.
  • See the updates in each file and their authorship, to keep the work of each one organized.
  • Stream via Twitter and reach many more people.

How to download Office 365 Teams

Being an official Microsoft program, the ideal is to do it from official links like this or enter the Windows Store and type «teams«. Both procedures will take you to the same place.

you shall log in to windows to be able to use it, since it will be linked to your account office 365and in this way all the tools of the package will be integrated, not needing to open them to see, for example, an Excel file.

How Office 365 Teams works

To enter this application we will need a link that the administrator (school/faculty/company) will provide us, or we can enter from our own Office 365 account.

In this software, the tasks are divided into teams, with different options in the panel for each one, you will have to click on the one that interests you, distinguishing:

  • Class: For teacher and student projectsshowing class notes, assignments, exercise correction, calls and group chat between the class.
  • Professional Learning Community: Only trainers or teaching professionals have access to organize themselves into work groups and generate content, even having access to OneNote.
  • Staff: Referred to labor staff, this team is designed to share reports, policy changes, keep relevant updates, and help members learn. As in the other groups, there is a chat with some administrators who decide what is published and who.
  • Others: Dedicated to anyone, it is a group that is not as formal as the previous ones but with the same advantages, with the difference that all the world you can access that team by default.