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How to download Dropbox for free

drop box is an alternative to cloud storage that has been firmly established in the market for many years now, offering a lot of flexibility and ease of use to both novice and advanced users. You may have seen that there are paid versions in Dropbox, although luckily, we are going to teach you how to download free dropbox so you can enjoy all its advantages.

Download Dropbox Free on PC

  1. go to
  2. Click on «to download» and then in «download drop box«.
  3. After a few seconds the download should start and a message like the one we showed you should come out. Otherwise, you can click on «restart the download«.
  4. Start the file ending in .exe and voila, you will have downloaded dropbox for free on your pc.

Download Dropbox free for mobile

There is a version for both iOS as for Android, which you will have to download from their official platforms. For your convenience, we leave you the links to both versions:

Dropbox: Cloud Datei, Speicher
Dropbox: Cloud Datei, Speicher
developer: unknown
Price: Free

  • If you prefer to receive the link on your mobile, you can request it on the Dropbox website by going here.
  • You can choose between receiving an SMS with the download link or an email, just fill in the corresponding box.

How to Download Dropbox on Linux

You have two options, download the installers, or do it from the terminal:


  • Ubuntu 10.4 or higher (.deb). It has a version of 32 bit and of 64 bit. Download the one that corresponds.
  • Fedora 21 or higher (.rpm). 32 bit version Y 64 bit version.
  • If you don’t have any of those distributions, you can try to compile it from the source code.

from terminal

We leave you the corresponding lines of code:

  • 32 bit: cd ~ && wget -O – “” | tar xzf –
  • 64 bit: cd ~ && wget -O – “” | tar xzf –
  • You will be able to run the installer in the folder .dropbox-dist or writing ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd in the console.

Differences between free and paid Dropbox

Depending on the use you are going to give it, you may not even need to pay, but we are going to tell you a little about what the free version includes:

  • 2GB of free space to store your files, going up to 2TB if you buy the next level of membership.
  • The synchronizations between devices are limited to only 3on the other hand, in the paid versions they have no limits.
  • The auto saves They are also limitedoffering you in the premium versions up to 30 days of rewinding.
  • Slower and more limited transfers. Always depending on your connection, with DropboxTransfer you would not have those restrictions, being able to send up to 250GB with no size limitations.
  • Will not be able personalize your documents nor attach watermarks, nor add passwords to them, unless you do it first from your computer.
  • No priority support If you have any problem, this is normal since you have not paid anything for their services.
  • won’t let you search for a specific word between all your Dropbox files, being quite useful to organize your work and find things more easily.
  • Preferred data transport in the paid versions, being able to do Dropbox API callsideal if you are setting up a project with CRM or work in a company with several departments.