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How to unblock a person on Facebook

The security and convenience of users is the main objective of any existing social network, and Facebook is no exception. The option to “block contact” is available to all users who use this platform in order to entertain themselves and communicate with their relatives. However, this is a reversible decision and can be taken as many times as necessary. It is for this reason that today you will learn the how to unblock a person on facebook easily and quickly; read on to learn more.

Find out how to unblock a person on Facebook

The process for unblock a person on facebook it is easy to carry out. However, this process will change depending on the device you use. For this reason, below we will explain the step by step of the methods that you can use; either from the PC or your smartphone.

Method via PC

The interface displayed at the start of an account Facebook opened from a computer will allow you to easily access the different tools that the platform offers you; making the unlocking process more dynamic and easy. Now for unblock a person on facebook you will need to do the following:

  • Sign in to Facebook.
  • Click on the “Menu” icon located at the top right of the screen.
  • Select the option of: Settings and privacy > Settings > Privacy (this last button is located in the left area of ​​the screen).

  • In the list of options that you will see, you must click on “Blocks”.

facebook privacy

  • In the “Block user” section you can view the list of users who have been blocked from your Facebook account. Next to the name of the profile you want to unblock, you will see a “Unlock” button that you must press to continue the process.

Unblock a person on Facebook

  • Finally, confirm your decision so that it can be executed normally.

method over the phone

It is important to clarify that, once a user has been unblocked from your Facebook, you will not be able to block him again for a few weeks. On the other hand, to carry out the process through a telephone, the interested person should only do the following:

  • Login to your Facebook account through the application.
  • Click on the icon of the 3 horizontal lines, located in the upper corner of your screen, to open the “Menu”.

Settings and configuration on Facebook

  • Click on the option that bears the name: Settings & privacy > Settings > Profile > Profile settings > Blocking.
  • In the list of blocked contacts, search for the user you want to unblock.
  • Select the “Unlock” option located next to the username.
  • Confirm your decision to finish the process. And ready!

What happens after I unblock a person on Facebook?

At the moment that you unblock another facebook user This will be able to observe your profile, the friends you have in common, your comments and the publications shared in public. Also, the unlocked user will be able to send you messages again, as well as a new friend request. It is important to note that when you block and unblock a contact, they will disappear from your friends list; so it may only be possible to have such a connection through a new friend request.