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How to upload songs to Spotify easily

Spotify has millions of songs from many artists, whether you are one of them or simply want to upload one that is not in the catalog, we will tell you how to do it:

How to upload music to Spotify from PC

  • Click on your Username on the right side to open the dropdown menu.
  • Follow this route; Settings > Local Files and enable that option.
  • do the same with music library either downloads. You can give “add a font” if you want to add it from a specific folder.
  • Now when you go to «your library» you will see a new list called «local files» with all the songs saved on your PC.

How to upload music to Spotify as an artist

In order to carry out this process, you will need to have the Spotify account for artists. Once you have it, follow these steps:

  • We assume you already have a distributorotherwise you will need to go here and see which ones interest you the most.
  • Log in in your already active account and with your chosen distributor or record company.
  • Go up and click on “Send from next post”.
  • then go to Next > Submit Song and choose the song you want to send in your preferred format.

In either of the two ways upload songs to spotify You will not have to pay anything, at most they will charge you a part of the benefits if you upload them as an artist.

What is Spotify for Artists?

It is another specific application for bands and composers that allows you to upload a biography as an artist as well as put various albums with your songs, so that you will charge for each of the reproductions that your fans make.

  1. To start the simplest thing is that you download the app and go through the process of artist verification
  2. You will be able to see both the statistics of your songs and how much you are earning for each reproduction.
  3. If you prefer to use another song aggregator that is not his own Spotifyyou can choose any of thesekeep in mind that each one has different payment methods and dividends per song, so study them well before making the decision.
  4. The upload process is identical to what we have explained before, you must sign up at a specific dealer to upload your songs to the platform.

Advantages of uploading your songs to Spotify

  • you reach one more fans streaming potential.
  • Plus control over your songssince you decide which ones you upload and which ones you don’t,
  • You can personalize even the image of your group and the covers of your albums.
  • allows to create release dates so everyone stay tuned when you release new albums.

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