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What Can You Do With A PDF Editor?

Have you ever wondered if all PDF Editors do is “just” edit? Can they create new documents from scratch? Can they sign PDFs?

What exactly can PDF Editors do?
Let’s find out!

Note: this is a list article. So, I will only be aggregating the points. I won’t be going into depth.
For the in-depth guides, check my other articles on how to use a PDF Editor [] for specific tasks.

Before we delve into the details, you need a reliable PDF editor. Because in the end, results are not all about the many functions a tool can perform but its effectiveness.

What PDF Editor Should You Choose?
Before anything, I want you to know I’m not pushing my views on you. Also, I’m not gaining any money back from affiliating anything. This is purely informational.

That said, I prefer using Foxit PDF Editor. It is a more affordable option than Adobe Acrobat. Plus, Foxit is much more lightweight while being visually pleasing.

The best part: you can use Foxit PDF Editor across all devices. I prefer accessing the tool online, though. That way, I don’t need to download any software and can equally enjoy a 5-day free trial.

The free trial period on PhantomPDF and the Foxit PDF Editor mobile app is lengthier, though. Either way, rest assured that you’ll get results with an easy-to-use tool.

Now, let’s see what you can do with the Foxit PDF Editor.

5 Things You Can Do With A PDF Editor

Edit Your PDFs

Let’s discuss the elephant in the room first. The clue is even already in the name – PDF Editor.

But what exactly can you edit with a PDF editor?

The ENTIRE PDF, really!

Starting from the text, you can rewrite, add, or delete blocks of text. And mind you, this is not whitewashing.

You’ll highlight the texts and edit them as you see fit. Furthermore, you can change the fonts (style, color, size) and alignment.

Beyond text, you can edit the images in your PDF and even the forms. Also, you can tweak the signature on your PDF.

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Compress The Size Of Your PDFs

If you have larger-size PDFs, PDF Editors can shrink them. You can do the same with Microsoft Office, but that’s if only you have the original file. Also, Office takes time.

PDF Editors, on the other hand, are fast. The best part: you won’t lose the quality of your PDF in the process.

Convert Documents To PDFs

Like compression, Microsoft Office can convert documents, sheets, and even slides to PDFs. But again, the process is lengthy.

Plus, you can’t even convert several files at once.


PDF Editors, on the other hand, can convert several files at once. You can even convert items in your clipboard.

Also, you can convert items that are only available on your Cloud Storage.


Combine Different PDFs Into A File

Want to create a textbook or resource from related PDFs?

A PDF Editor can help.


I like this feature (a lot) as it saves me time converting PDFs before merging them using Microsoft Word.

And say you need to edit the merged documents later; you can still do that on the PDF Editor.

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Create PDFs From Scratch

Would you prefer to do all your document creation and merging on a tool?

PDF Editor is that tool; it can create documents from scratch. You can add forms and signatures – and turn the whole thing into a PDF portfolio.

Funnily enough, this list only contains the features I regularly use. There are several other things you can do with PDF Editors.

Visit “” to find out!