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Where are Netflix downloads stored?

As you know, Netflix offers a catalog of streaming products so you don’t have to store them on your hard drive, but if you choose to download netflix you must know that you will have many advantagesamong others, to save your series locally.

To know where these are stored netflix downloads We leave you a small guide by device, since each case is different and you have to know where to look in both Windows and Android.

Downloads on Netflix from Windows 10

Unlike when you download a torrent file, they are not saved in a nice folder with the name of the movie or series, but it is done in an encrypted way, so you will have to use the Windows file explorer:

  1. Enter the file explorer or simply type in the search bar «file explorer«.

  1. Go to Vista and then to Options > Change folder and search optionsclicking on the right side.

  1. Select the tab “watch” look for the option “show hidden files and folders”.
  2. Click on that option and then on “apply to folders
  3. Give to “To accept” to exit the window and see the changes.
  4. Now go to the bar Windows Explorer and paste the following: C:Users[NOMBRE]AppDataLocalPackages4DF9E0F8.Netflix_mcm4njqhnhss8LocalStateofflineInfodownloads
  5. Replaces [NOMBRE] for him username you have on your PC.
  6. You will now see a list of files with many numbers and letters. Those are your movies and series in “netflix format”, so it is important that you do not rename them, although you can copy or move them to another drive to save disk space.

Downloads on Netflix from Android

Unlike from the PC, on our mobiles we have a more limited space, this is especially important since in the case of Netflix all our downloads are stored in the internal memoryand not in the SD, so you will have to search for the files manually:

  1. Go to Files and click on the three horizontal dots from the upper right corner.
  2. Check the option view hidden folders/filesin case you don’t have it activated.
  3. Enter to Device storage > Android > data > > files > Download > .of
  4. Inside that folder are all the files you have downloaded from Netflix. You can hit cut and move them to another location.
  5. If you don’t get more than the downloads folder, you will have to download a program like Google Files
  6. When you open the app follow this path: Android/Data/
  7. The process is the same as in the previous steps.

Downloads on Netflix from Mac

  • For users of apple devices, there are not many options really. Either you record the movie/series directly with a screen recording software or you have to use an explorer like Chrome, Opera or Mozillaand try to see if they have been cached on your computer.
  • Normally the folder in Mac it is ~/Library/Cachesso it tries to enter the one corresponding to the explorer, and looks for the most recent video if it has been saved.

Download directly to SD

Although we have told you that it is not possible to do it on Android, it is possible on some very specific models that allow you to format your SD and convert it into internal memory. This just it is possible if your Android is Marshmallow (or marshmallow, version 6 that came out in 2015) or higher. Please note that if it will erase everything you have on the SDso try to copy it elsewhere first.

  1. go to Settings/Storage and make sure you enter your SD. After a short time, it should detect the memory.
  2. Select the SD as internal memory if you get that option.
  3. format it and said memory will become part of the internal memory of your terminal.
  4. Now when you download any series on Netflix you won’t have to move folders.