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How to change Twitter password

Twitter is a social network with millions of unique assets every day, having equal or more influence than Facebook. Thanks to this microblogging platform, you will be able to keep up with any news from all over the world! instantly.

When registering a new profile, there is always the fear of losing the account due to theft or hacker. For this reason it is convenient set a strong password, including capital letters, numbers and some symbols. And in the case of Twitter, changing the password is quite simple, you can do it from the browser of any device or from the official applications.

Change password from the application for Android / iOS

Twitter has native applications for Android and iOS, which are updated almost every time to receive improvements in security, speed and other areas. Twitter takes the security of your data very seriously, which is why it offers different methods to have your security at the highest level. Next, to avoid the theft of your account, follow the steps and modify your password:

  1. Download and install the Twitter app (if you already have it installed, you can skip this step):
  2. Opens the application.
  3. Press «Log in«, located bottom center.
  4. Enter your telephone either email either Username and the password. Press the button “Log in«.
  5. Next You must display the side menu by pressing on your profile photo and press the option «Settings and privacy«.
  6. Press «You Bill«.
  7. Click on «Change your Password«.
  8. will ask you write the current password and subsequently write and confirm your new password (remember to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol in the password and if you can’t remember it, use last pass either 1Password to manage your access).
  9. Congratulations! the password will have been changed successfully.

The process is really simple. You must take into account the importance of changing the password from time to time. This will prevent theft or any other account related issues. And remember, if you log in from any browser (mobile/tablet/pc), you must use this new account password.

Change password from a mobile web browser

Many users have space problems on their devices or prefer to use a light version of Twitter, which is why you will always have the option to use this service from any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox). Here are the steps to change your password from the web browser:

  1. go to
  2. Enter the telephone either email either Username and then the password. Click on «Log in«.
  3. Press on the profile picturelocated at the top left.
  4. Choose the option «Settings and privacy«.
  5. Click on «Bill«.
  6. Now go to «Password«.
  7. You must write the Current password and then the New Password Y confirm it. We recommend using numbers and symbols in addition to letters, so you will have a more difficult password to guess.
  8. Clever! The password change process will have been successfully completed.

Change password from a computer / PC

To change your password from your computer, the process is also very simple. It is only necessary to have an internet connection.

  1. Accede to
  2. Enter the telephone either email either Username and the password. Press «Log in“either “Following» (you can leave the “Remember my data” option selected only if it is a trusted device).
  3. Click on the «More options«, located in the left sidebar.
  4. Click on the option «Settings and privacy«.
  5. Click on «You Bill» and then in «Change Password”.
  6. Then enter the Current password and then the New Password Y confirm it. It includes uppercase, lowercase and symbols, it will help to have a difficult password and your account will be more secure than ever.
  7. Cool! the account will be more secure after you have updated the password

Twitter is a social network that thinks a lot about its users, and for this reason it periodically launches improvements in all its services, being one of the social networks of the moment.