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How to contact Meetic

meetic is an international dating platform that, although it offers a good quality of services, sometimes it is better to know how to contact meetic in order to solve your problems as quickly as possible, especially if they have to do with money issues.

Contact Meetic by email

It is perhaps the easiest way, and you have many alternatives depending on which department you need to contact:

Try to detail your problem as much as possible, as well as provide both the email associated with the account and your username, in case you remember it.

Contact Meetic by phone

For a more direct treatment, the ideal is to call the customer service, if you live in Spain the call will be free:

  • Meetic free hotline: 914 313 204

They also have a 900 line, although some users say that it is not active, you can try your luck at 900 800 053

Contact Meetic on social networks

As we have already mentioned to you when we solved the doubt of how to enter your accountthey usually have all these social networks and they tend to respond quite quickly:

In any case, we recommend that you be very patient since they can have thousands of messages every day as there are many users who use the platform, in any case, as a last alternative, you can fill out the form found at this link and send them your incidence. Do not be afraid to contact them through all possible means, because then it is more likely that someone will be able to contact you and help you with your account.

Although it is true that there is a postal address; Meetic CS 10002 – 75320 PARIS cedex 09we recommend that you do not send any letters at this time, since due to the pandemic they have had to close the face-to-face offices until further notice.